How does Esquire, ImproWEB and VRN fit together?

ImproWeb is a web-based e-commerce solution company, founded in 2005 and now 100% owned by Esquire Technologies.
With a vision for an improved retail chain for the IT market, the online solutions offered by ImproWeb are supreme and unrivalled in South Africa, which has made them one of the leading web-based solutions company it is today.

In 2011 ImproWEB was acquired by Esquire Technolgies, who has sole distribution rights on the system. They have taken the online solution and launched  the world’s first Virtual Reseller Network (VRN).  “Thanks to our VRN, our resellers don’t have to hold any of their own stock as they are given what is essentially immediate access to our entire stockholding. This is really empowering our resellers, and enables them to compete head-on with larger resellers, including multinationals and franchise stores”, says Mahomed Cassim, CEO of Esquire.

The software solution developed by Esquire’s strategic partner, ImproWEB– a leading e-commerce developer – took eight years to develop, prompting Cassim to say that his company enjoyed “an eight-year lead in the marketplace”. “We believe this will revolutionise the local reseller market,” Cassim says.

He added “the company has been beta testing the VRN with resellers for the past year to ensure there were “no bugs in the system”, and because the online market was “not truly mature a year ago”. “But we certainly think that the online market is maturing rapidly now and that people are no longer adverse to buying online. The marketplace is ready for our VRN solution.”

Esquire Technologies, the award-winning, broad-based distributor – including Technology, Digital Lifestyle, Consumer and Mobile products – have invested a total of R10 million in its Virtual Reseller Network (VRN).

Is the improWEB solution only for the IT market?

Esquire has exclusive distribution rights of the Improweb e-commerce system.

Are you planning on integrating more distributors?

Unfortunately, not. Esquire will negotiate pricing from all the major International branded products to make it easier to purchase from one distributor.

Will the fees rise if we integrate with more distributors?

This is not an option we offer on the Improweb system.

Does improWEB allow me to register with Esquire through your structures, or must I still go through the registration process via the distributor?

You will first need to register directly with Esquire and then the improWEB team will be able to load the pricelist onto your system.

What does it mean for a distributor to be fully integrated?

  • Stock – If your distributor is fully integrated with improWEB then your website can use distributors stock levels to show or hide products.
  • Info – You can also use images and product information generated and updated weekly by your distributor.
  • Orders – Once a order is placed on your website and the payment was approved an order can automatically be placed with your distributor thereby reserving the stock for you.
  • Delivery – With improWEB it will be possible to sell an item on your site and have it delivered before you know that the sale was made

Can I put my own products in the improWEB solution and on my improWEB e-commerce website?

Not at all. Esquire has an exclusive agreement on the Improweb system and therefore all products must be purchased through Esquire as the official distributor.

Am I able to use my own WordPress website instead of using the custom template?

No, unfortunately not. The Intellectual Property and the backend is designed to work solely with our custom template – this system is designed in conjunction with the Esquire and Casey product data feed.

Why are VRN sites not displaying as secure (SSL/TSL Certified)?

Currently the system is going through an upgrade where all websites will have HTTPS protocols, once completed all VRN sites will display as secure. However, the payment gateways have and remain 100% safe and secure at all times.

Why should I register as a VRN customer if there are many sites such as mine?

True that there are currently a number of VRN e-commerce websites, however the Online E-commerce is growing at a phenomenal rate and there will always be room for more e-commerce sites.

The VRN platform is the most cost effective way to get started in the e-commerce space.

Who is VCS? Are they a secure and reliable service provider?

Virtual Card Services is one South Africa’s leading payment gateways, (established in 1996) offer a solution to the mail order market, that found conventional methods of securing large volumes of credit card payment cumbersome and costly.

The business rapidly grew from this point by expanding the scope of services to all organisations requiring automated, high volume and secure credit card payment processing.

Who is Courier Direct? Why is the delivery time not sooner than 3 days? is a sister company to ImproWeb, the e-commerce company, was established in 2016, so that our VRN  could receive preferential competitive rates whereby allowing the VRN to save on courier cost.

The 3-5 days  is a standard time frame for economy services which Courier direct offers to main centres.


How long does it take to get an improWEB e-commerce live?

The time it takes from receiving the deposit to going live can be as little as a week. What does take time is to get an e-merchant account to accept credit card payments on your website. However, you do not need this straight away and you can go live before this is approved.

Will my website be unique?

We have a completely customisable template and you have all the tools to your disposal to create a unique website.

Can I give different prices to different clients on my website?

Yes, we have a loyalty tool which enables you to set different prices for different clients

How will I know how to use the different tools?

We have a complete online training course that will show you how to use the tools. You will also receive a free 4 hour training session at Esquire, Samrand.

How much is all this going to cost me?

To design and setup an improWEB e-commerce VRN website with our very versatile template is R6000 (Including. VAT). Dependent if there is no current promotion running.

Thereafter the improWEB basic solution is only R 550 per month (Incl. VAT).

Hosting and bandwidth is free up to 4 GB.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no other setup fees. However, should you require special, additional changes made to the e-commerce template, development costs will apply.

Except for the credit card payment fees charged by the integrated payment gateways, and a R1 000 Debit Account to be opened with the courier company, there will be no other running costs.

Is there a 7 - 10day trial period available?

We unfortunately do not have a 7 –  10 day trial period as every website has to be designed around the customers preferential look and feel – You most welcome to visit to view what your sites template will look like.

Is there a Demo of the back-end system?

There is no demo on the backend as this is propriety Content Management System, developed in-house – However, once you’ve signed up and have signed the confidentially agreement you will have access and training on how to use the backend.