Thank you for your interest in our VRN System!

What is the functionality of the website?

1.   Fully managed and populated website with the latest products.
2.   Products Specifications and Products Pictures already set up.
3.   Almost Real Time access to complete Stock File across all branches.
4.   Easy to use Online Website Management System.
5.   Flexible discount rules and pricing options.
6.   Fully functional Shopping Cart.
7.   Special Rates from Internet Express Couriers.
8.   Preferential Rates on payment gateway fees from Virtual Card Services.
9.   Manage Customers’ orders, payments and transactions, ensuring you keep track of all data.
10.   Reports on all transactions, giving you a full picture of your performance.

Please note: a merchant account is required with your bank to be able to transact via a payment portal.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process of joining this exclusive club.

Download our Reseller’s Agreement, complete, and forward to or fax to 0866 349 505 .

Download our Confidentiality Disclosure, complete, and  forward to or fax to 0866 349 505.

Courier Direct is an in-house Courier Company that offers very low & competitive rates with really efficient service, that is also fully integrated. When a client orders from your site, the system automatically calculates the shipping costs (delivered to the client) into the amount payable for the order.

A debit account is needed for courier transactions to be automated without your intervention.

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You will automatically qualify for a discounted rate as an improWEB client.
Once registration is complete, forward us your account details for us to integrate this onto your site.
You will automatically qualify for a discounted rate as an improWEB client. (Non Mandatory)

Call 012 657 8512 to speak to Kabir Ismail, our Business Development Manager or 012 657 8526 for Azraa Motara, our General Manager, who will gladly assist you in making an informative decision regarding your interest in VRN.